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my love for you is so overpowering

that iam afraid i will disapear..

Lindsey Meredith
14 February
acting, adam brody, amc, anna sui, art, art college, art museums, audrey hepburn, barneys, basketball, bat-bar mitzvahs, bestfriends, betsey johnson, beverly hills, blink 182, bloomingdales, boy bands, boyfriends, boys, brad pitt, breakfast at tiffanys, breakfast club, britney spears, cell phones, chad michael murray, chanel, clueless, coffee bean, colin farrel, degas, democrates, designing, diet coke, dior, disney channel, dogs, dooney and bourke, elco, fallout boy, fashion, franky, fred segals, friends, george clooney, hair, hale middle school, hanging out, hannukah, hawaii, hearts, heather loring kimball, hello kitty, hilary duff, holding hands, hollywood, hot abercrombie models, hotel bel-air, hugging, in-n-out, ipod, jake gyllenhaal, john, johnny depp, josh duhamel, juicy couture, katherine zeta jones, kings, kissing, kitson, lakers, las vegas, lepord, lip gloss, little italy, los angeles, louis vuitton, love, lucky brand, mac, makeup, making out, malorie moriana, manhattan, marc jacobs, marilyn monroe, maroon five, mary-kate and ashley, me, memories, miss sixty, modest mouse, molly ringwald, movies, mtv, music, my past, neiman marcus, newlyweds, newyork, no doubt, nordstroms, online shopping, paris, pearls, phantom planet, photography, pink, polka dots, pretty in pink, rick fox, rodeo dr, rooney, sam, secrets, selling shrooms, sephora, sevens, sex and the city, sherry, shoes, shopping, sixteen candles, sleeping, soho, stars, sushi with franky, taking pictures, talking, the apprentice, the future, the killers, the police, the postal service, the strokes, the yeah yeah yeahs, tiffanys, tmobile sidekick, trent ford, uggs, valentines day, victorias secret, vintage, weekends